Why need to choose suitable prescription eyeglasses for drivers?

For most drivers, whatever amateur and professional, they need to use the suitable prescription glasses ensure their safety on the road. However, they always feel confuse that how to select the best ones? The following will introduce some suggestions for your reference.

Firstly, you need to understand your prescription information which is from the eye doctor or optometrist.
OD: -75 -450×140
OS:-100 -450×108
ADD +200 OU
PD 66 mm
Here, we must take a little lesson in Latin to make sense of an eyeglass prescription. Latin abbreviations are often used in health care to write medical prescriptions (RX) and eyeglass prescriptions (RX). In fact, these abbreviations are becoming less and less common currently. The OD stands for “oculus dexter” and indicates the right eye. The OS stands for “oculus sinister” and indicates the left eye. The letters OU stand for “oculi uterque” and refer to both eyes. And, the customer service of retailers can help you to enter and understand another numbers. Usually, Sph, Cyl, Axis and Add are ordinary value for a common prescription. Not every prescription includes all values, which is completely depending on your eyesight.

Secondly, the driving condition is an important element. Such as: while meeting the strong winds, or rains, or snows, the polarized lenses are very useful, and it is the most globally recognized for driving lens. Also, it’s light reflection from the surface when part of the polarization arising from glare. Glare of the negative effect to enhance brightness, color saturation weakened in order to the outline of objects becomes blurred, so that fatigue glasses, does not apply. Polarizing film to make in accordance with the principle of light polarization made with the effective elimination of the special features glare, and filter chaotic light, improving vision of drivers, driving more clear.

Finally, you need to consider the style for eyeglasses frames. As polarized driving eyeglasses, sunglasses design accounted for the majority. It usually uses a full frame to wrap around the large lenses, covering closely a maximum part of the eyes. And protective rimmed sunglasses can shield your eyes from dust and wind as driving. Thus, a full-rimmed frame design is very important. In other words, only a full frame can achieve maximum impact resistance.

As you can see, selecting the suitable driving prescription eyeglasses can be confusing. Your eye doctor or optician can advise you about the right fit for you, as well as discuss lenses and frames that can help you see your best in different circumstances. However, with a little study and practice, you’ll be able to pick out a perfect sunglass like the pros if you’re ever in need. For more information visit: www.glassespeople.com