What Kind of Eyeglasses Frame Is Most Suitable For Kids

Are you worried about your kid’s weakening eyesight? Are you troubled by what kind of eyeglasses frames you should buy? Are you concerned with the quality of eyeglasses? Are you wondering what kind of eyeglasses frame your kid likes? Don’t worry, the following discuss will help you to find the most suitable eyeglasses frame for your kid.

More often than not, parents grow extremely careful and cautions when it comes to buying things for their kids. Eyeglasses frame, as a crucial part of eyeglasses, is certainly without exception. The variety of eyeglasses frame, with the adding of advanced technology, has been enriched largely through the years. It has evolved from the simple regular metal frame to resin plastic frame, and to pure Titanium frame or bendable Titanium frame; from full-rim frame to semi-rim frame, and to rimless frame. Facing with so many various frames, it’s indeed very hard to decide which one is best for our lovely kids.

Unlike the eyeglasses lens which can be easily determined with the prescription from the optometrist, eyeglasses frame involves consideration of shape, size, weight, material, color and design. Above all, as far as kids are concerned, quality, safety, and comfort are the major determinants of our choice. In terms of material, plastic frame are much lighter than the metal frame, thus is more advisable for kids to wear so that their nose and ears won’t be strained while supporting the weight of the glasses. According to many kid glasses wearers, metal glasses sometimes can cause pain to their ears for long-time wearing and if for full-time wearing, they are even likely to leave lasting imprints of nose pads on their noses. Therefore, the lightweight plastic eyeglasses frame are more comfortable for kids.

Besides, plastic eyeglasses frame are more safe compared with the metal ones. Some parents, in consideration of comfort and weight, may choose semi-rim or rimless metal frames for their kids; however, they neglect one important principle-safety. Due to the lack of full-rim protection, semi-rim or rimless eyeglasses are more easily breakable, thus incurring higher risk of injury. As it is hardly possible for us parents to keep an eye on the kids, most of whom are too restless to take care of themselves, we had better choose the durable and safe plastic frame.

Regarding kid’s preference, plastic frame also gains the upper hand than any other kind of frames. In general, kids are most sensitive to color and design. Bright color and attractive design can easily win a kid’s heart regardless of all the other major concerns by the parents. As plastic frame boasts the richest colors and the most various design, it surely tops the list of the frames. In addition, plastic eyeglasses usually add more vigor and spirit to kid wearers, making them look more lovely and dynamic.

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