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Summer is coming! I feel very painful these days because the sweat on my nose makes it easy for eyeglasses to skip down and the repeated friction results in extreme pain. In reality, I suffer this trouble every summer. Sometimes I put a piece of napkin on my nose and then put the eyeglasses on the napkin if I do not have to appear in public places. This method can reduce my pain by a large margin but it is not a permanent solution after all I spend a lot of time working in my office. I think to buy a new pair of comfortable prescription eyeglasses may be the best way out. I have thought it is an easy job for me only if I can find time to do a window-shopping to a local optician shop near my office. However, things do not turn out to be so smooth. I have little knowledge of eyeglasses and it is hard for me to make a wise distinguish. I have to ask many friends’ advices before I decide to place an order. I take my friends to a famous optician shop after work one day. They browse all the eyeglasses displayed there and make a conclusion that though those eyeglasses enjoy a famous brand name and must have a high quality, they cost too much and it seems meaningless to buy such an article of luxury.

Their words make sense, I think. I have paid too much attention to the appearance of eyeglasses and have not taken the practical factors such as the price into consideration. I decide to give up my original plan to make a prompt purchase decision. I have to gain more useful information about eyeglasses. My friends advise me to search the Internet first and I may try online shopping if I find excellent eyeglasses on online shops. Their suggestion reminds me of this new purchase method. Well, it may be a good idea to make virtual purchase for a pair of discount prescription eyeglasses.

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