Special prescription glasses designed for sports use

Generally speaking, the originally prescription glasses which are used for these people with poor visions to correct their eye problem will slide down from the nose and easily get cracked if they make big movements, not to mention doing sports. Seeing the badly demand for such special prescription glasses, the eyeglasses producer has introduced the safety prescription glasses which can be also called safety googles.

Unlike the ordinary glasses, the safety prescription glasses are mainly comprised of two parts: the inner lenses and the outer windshield. And the prescription you doctor prescribed is always processed on the inner lenses of the safety prescription glasses. The outer side windshield for these prescription glasses can effectively protect your eyes from the tiny dirt and debris in the air. What is worth mentioning, some of the windshields are flip-up and you can even remove it very conveniently. By the way, since the windshield has already tinted with fixed color and saturation, you are not advised to choose tint choice for your inner lenses of your safety prescription glasses. Otherwise, you will not be able to see clearly through the very dark lenses of such prescription glasses.

Except for the above features introduced for the safety prescription glasses, the wrap-round frame style is also a distinguishing feature which can be different from ordinary prescription glasses. This design is according to human’s physical features and will offer a closer form to the face which can effectively prevent the glasses sliding down. In additional, these safety prescription glasses also have the advantages of comfortable and lightweight which is just the high fit needed for active.

As to the lens type for the inner lenses, the multifocal lenses such as bifocal and progressive are not recommended for such safety prescription glasses since the strong curvature of the designed lenses will cause distortion which will make you feel uncomfortable and not see clearly. And the same problem will happen if you have the high astigmatism prescription.

Many people might think these safety prescription glasses would be sold at very high price due to its fashion and function. Now with the booming of internet shopping, you have no need to worry about that. You can easily get one pair of such prescription glasses at reasonable price yet high quality from the online optical stores. For example, if you click the link at www.cheapglasses123.com which is the primary eyeglasses suppliers and enjoys great reputation among the online stores, you can easily find the safety prescription glasses models such as AW1010, AW1012 and AW1014 for your reference. All of these prescription glasses have detailed descriptions listed on the website and you may choose any of them according to your own preference.