Need to buy progressive eyeglasses online?

Nowadays, there are more and more people love to choose prescription eyeglasses online. As we all know, the price of these products is usually relatively cheaper compared to those in local stores, besides, it is also more convenient to go through this shopping channel. You just need to scroll you mouse to scan the most stylish and attractive frames at this moment, and choose your “perfect” pair, all those can be done either in your office or home. However, this method is not the unbeatable one, or else the local stores would have disappeared. That’s to say, there are also some drawbacks of shopping online, especially for today’s progressive eyeglasses!

In my opinion, shopping progressive ones online needs more special concern compared to ordinary eyeglasses with singe focal point. Perhaps, if you are not old enough, such eye wear names even never been heard of, you are too young to wear them. Actually, progressive eyeglasses are used for patients who both suffered from myopia and hyperopia. Even it needs special concern in local stores, not to speak of shopping from online sites, as these glasses involve complex lens fitting and adjustment. Lenses of progressive or bifocal ones are divided into two parts, the top one is used for distance view and lower portion is for reading. As there is not a line in the middle of the lens, not like bifocal one, some people also call no-line focal eyeglasses.

Here are several keys for you if you really need to buy them online. First one is checking your exact prescription, as progressive eyeglasses have more complex lenses and fitting technologies, we need to wear them for the whole day, not like temporary wearing reading glasses, which also doesn’t need special correct Rx, that’s also the reason why there are so many pre-made reading eye wears in the market. In order to get detailed Rx, over ground vision exam is needed! Each one has his or her own PD and Rx, never try to buy pre-made eyeglasses! Then you need to check the legality of the retailer and refund policy, as there are more people need to send their new eyeglasses back because of lens or fitting problem.

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