How to keep prescription eyeglasses in good conditions

As a girl who has been near-sighted for almost 10 years, I had changed my prescription glasses for almost 10 pairs. Buying eyeglasses is really a large expenditure for me. You may wonder why I change my eyeglasses so frequently. I am not a fashion-conscious girl so I did not replace old eyeglasses just for it is out of date. Nor because of my vision was falling too quickly. The reason is simple: I do not know how to keep them in good conditions so they became broken in this or that way.

The main problem of my eyeglasses often appears on the lenses. They are fragile and easily become scratched and blurred, and I even do not know how this happened. Another big problem usually occurred on the frames. Either the legs got broken or the screws got loosen. Maybe I am a too careless and reckless girl.

Recently my former prescription eyeglasses unfortunately got broken again. With a tight budget, my friend recommended me buy a new pair online for online shopping is cheap. I did as she told and ordered a pair of prescription glasses from the net shop. Two days ago I received the goods. I am satisfied with it. What also pleased me is the considerate action of the shop owner. Along with the pair of glasses, she sent me a beautiful card with tips on how to maintain eyeglasses. Thanks to the little card, especially the consideration of the shop owner, I know how to keep prescription eyeglasses in good conditions. I would like to share it with you.

First, before we wipe the lenses, we should rinse them with running water to flush away the dusts. Otherwise, the dust or tiny particle may scratch the lenses. Second, if the lenses are too dirty, we had better wash them with eyeglasses lotion or other liquid cleaner and gently rub the both sides of the lenses. Third, dry the lenses with clean and soft cloth. As to the protection of the eyeglasses frames, the most important thing to keep in mind is to use both hands to put on or put off the eyeglasses. Never use only one hand to do so. When you do not wear it, put it leg-side down in an eyeglasses box.

With the above-mentioned tips, I am sure that I can maintain my current prescription eyeglasses for a longer time. By the way, I am really pleased with the net optical store glassespeople.com. It sells high quality eyeglasses at amazingly cheap prices. In addition, it is now on a Christmas sales promotion, and almost all kinds of eyeglasses are selling at great discounts. You had better take this opportunity if you also need a new pair of prescription eyeglasses.