How To be an expert on buying glasses online

Buying glasses online is becoming more popular than ever before since there are huge bargains online which can save you a lot of money. Besides, online eyeglass retailers have made it so easy and convenient that buying eyeglasses online is so simple and often gives you 100% satisfaction. The quality of the frames and the lenses are same or better than the optical stores while at a heavy discounted rate.

If you want to buy prescription glasses online, you will have to go to your eye specialist and get your eyes tested. You can not buy prescription glasses online without having the test done. You will need to have a prescription for corrective eyeglass lenses and the pupillary distance your eye specialist gives you to get the proper prescription glasses from the online store.

Most of the online services work in a similar way. You choose the frames you like, enter your prescription and order your new prescription glasses. The days it takes to receive the order can be as little as a few days! Most will send the glasses out in about 15 days.

Since we cannot try on each pair of glasses, the things worry us most is that whether the glasses we choose can fit us well. Thus, it is always a good idea to keep in mind a few handy tips that can not only help you pick the right pair but also allow you to make an impressive style statement

The most important standard for selecting prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses is the face shape. For round faces, it is always a good idea to choose square or rectangular frames with slightly larger lenses since wearing oval or round glasses would exaggerate the roundness of the face thereby making it devoid of any profile and angles. And if your face is square, you should choose the wider frame which will make your face look a little more slender. In a word, we should avoid choosing frame with the similar shape to our face shape, so as to avoid over-emphasis the facial lines.

Except for the face shapes, it is important to choose your pair of prescription glasses according to your skin tone, hairstyle and eyes. In general, the person of lighter skin color should select fames of lighter color and select darker colored frame if your skin color is dark. As to the eye factors, if you have a nice tan with blonde hair, black frames can best suit for you. Black glasses can even suit the person who has beautiful black eyes.

Hairstyle is also an important factor that should take into consideration when choosing prescription glasses online. For those who have long hair or let their hair loose, should avoid opting for large frames. Conversely, if you have short hair, large bold frames can be a superb option.