Glasses make me like a superstar

Summer is my favorite season, because I can wear kinds of glasses at any time, including the sunglasses which makes like a superstar!

First of all, I should admit that I am an ordinary girl with round and big face, but my eyes are not big enough, and nose is not pretty, fortunately, my skin is white. Well, just a common girl never impresses you much. But I want to be charming!

Reading news about entertainment is my hobby, I find glasses become a decoration nowadays, just watch those Hollywood stars who always goes out with beautiful glasses you will get the mind. They wear sunglasses covering almost half of face, those pictures show a signal: I am a star, keep distance please… …Cool!

Kate Winslet, the one of the best actresses in the world who just wins Oscar best actress also wore sunglasses when she sent her child to school, WOW! Black glasses, black coat, black trousers, black boot, what a mysterious lady! That is called STAR!

People also are attractive when they wear common but right style glasses, and even will show the different feeling! Fan Bingbing, one of the famous actresses in China, always is described as a sexy lady, but just look the following picture, she is so delicate when wearing glasses with black frame!

The right glasses not only can increase the aristocratic atmosphere, but also have a practical function: modifying the facial profile. Take the singer, Joey, for a example, I don’t think her face is small or exquisite, but please compare the two pictures! Amazing? Yep? How handsome and sporty she is with sunglasses! The big glasses set her face off much softer and gentler.

I should learn how to wear sunglasses! I should gloss over my BIG face!

Then searching the webs for a great deal of information frantically becomes my main job, I visit so many useful web like www.cheapglasses123.com where sells kinds of glasses, to get knowledge about the material, the frame, the lens, the color……when I have a rough sketch what fits me best, I tried tens of thousands of glasses and sunglasses in the shop, finally I determine to buy one like Fan Bingbing’s, and another one sunglasses like the picture as bellow.