All About Reading Glasses

Anyone who over the age of 40 probably need to begin wearing reading glasses due to presbyopia. Presbyopia is part of the natural aging process,it is not a disease. It is due to the natural stiffening of the lens in the eye, with the consequence that your eyes are prevented from focusing on close objects, such as sewing, reading and gardening. Although you can still see distant objects clearly, you can not focus on close objects any more. Thus you usually have to keep reading materials at arms length or squint to make out the words. You can approach the problem of presbyopia by require a pair of reading glasses. Reading glasses can help take the strain off your eyes if you have difficulty reading small or fine print.

Choosing Comfortable Reading Eyeglasses
First, you should get an eye exam, and then decide which reading glasses are most suitable for you.If you do want to select a strength, start by selecting a low strength. You should see printed material clearly at a distance of about 14 inches from your eyes. If the print is not clear, you can increase the strength in .25 increments until it is at the 14 inch range. The important thing to remember is to stop when the print becomes clear and not to use too much magnification.

What’s more, reading glasses are available in two different types. One is the single vision glasses for reading with a complete lens in the glasses. The other is the hale-eyes, in which the lower part of the lens is made according to the reading prescription ,and the upper part of the lens is normal. If you need to wear reading glasses for short periods of time, then full frames maybe suitable for you. But , if you wear your reading glasses for long time, then half-eyes can be considered, so that you do no have to keep removing your reading eyeglasses, every time you need to look into the distance.

To Choose customized or Pre-fabricated Reading Glasses
To get a pair of eye glasses for reading, you do not need a doctor’s prescription, as to get prescription eyeglasses. You can go to any store to get pre-fabricated glasses. But when you are selecting a pair of ready-made reading glasses, keep in mind that they are mass produced and don’t cost a lot. That means you need to watch out for defects that could strain your eyes or make the glasses less effective. This “one-size-fits-all” means the lenses are not customized for each wearer. Most people do not have exactly the same prescription in both eyes,so you should carefully select before deciding to get one.